skill and taste
passed down for
180 years


A history of more than
180 years alongside
“Takeo Onsen Romon”

Takeo Onsen is a hot spring with a history of more than 1300 years.
The distinctive red and white gate “Takeo Onsen Romon” has been its symbol since it was built in 1915,
and that same year, we opened our doors in Takeo Onsen.
Ever since, we have kept tradition in making handmade Japanese confectionery
and using strictly selected ingredients to provide the finest confectioneries.

With skill and pride

A taste that does not change through time

“MARUBORO” is a soft and simple baked sweets, made using high quality eggs, sugar and wheat, perfect for people of any age to enjoy.

A confectionery with a history alongside the town’s symbol

“ROMON MONAKA” is a semi-dry confectionery with Takeo Onsen’s symbol “Takeo Onsen Romon” stamped from atop. The wafers are filled with kidney bean paste with yuzu as an accent, and goes well with green tea.

As gifts or offerings

“SHIMOSHIGURE” is a soft confectionery with white bean paste fillings and our store name stamped atop. It is not too sweet, and goes well with both green tea and coffee. It also acts as a perfect thank you gift.

great harmony of textures

“YUNOTSUYU” is followed by the soft and smooth red bean paste, making it a great harmony of textures.